Meeting Information

Where ?
Blees Room
Macon Housing Authority
1404 South Missouri Street
Macon, Missouri

When ?
June 3rd, 2024


Look for NCMOBEES sign

Topics for Discussion

Cut outs, Salvaging Bees from Trees & Homes
Presented by Dan West

Q & A

Show & Tell, Bring your Bee Yard Kits, inventions, Modifications and Ideas

Also if you have extracted Honey and want it tested for moisture content
the club's Refractometer will be at the meeting.

There will be monthly meetings starting February, 2024

Swarm List

Below is a list of club members that are willing to come and get bee swarms.

Terry Barnett , Macon, Mo. 660-651-3989
Bob Brammer, Macon, Mo. 660-415-6480
Melvin Dennis, LaPlata, Mo 660-341-8944
Brian Downey, Macon, Mo. 660-676-4165
Don Duvall, Madison, Mo. 660-651-6275
Bill George, Chillicothe, Mo. 660-214-0132
Tammy George, Chillicothe, Mo. 660-214-0132

Joy Hoyt Laddonia, Mo 573-373-2191
Terry Hoyt Laddonia, Mo 573-473-4152

Billie Hurley , Downing , Mo. 660-626-7817
Paul Jensen, LaPlata, Mo. 660-332-4027
Jeff Knight Unionville, Mo. 309-645-4655
Troy Link, Moberly, Mo. 660-651-5104
Mike Mattox, Moberly, Mo. 660-651-8855
Jackie Mott, Madison, Mo. 660 651 8612

Roger Rector, Macon, Mo. 660-651-3822
Dan Schlipf, Macon, Mo. 660-384-4216
Dan West, Macon, Mo. 660-651-7582

Deb Yearns 660-651-8490
Doug Yearns 660-651-0038





The North Central Missouri Beekeepers Association bee club meetings are back on for 2024

1st Monday of every month, except for September (September, 2nd Monday due to labor Day and no December or January meetings.

We are updating the Swarm list on our web site. If you wish to be added or removed, please contact Dan West at westorchard@yahoo.com

For More Opportunity to Learn Beekeeping
Check out our always free to attend BeeKeeping Club Meetings.

Check out our club's Facebook page: North Central Missouri Beekeepers
Here you will find the information for the upcoming events Sponsered by the North Central Missouri Beekeepers Club.
If you have any questions contact Tammy George

Check out the rest of our website for various announcements and links to beekeeping supplies and more.
Check out this beautiful Crab Spider feasting on a Honey Bee on top of an Iron Weed flower.

NCMO Beekeepers Upcoming 2024 Meetings
To Be Announced

February: North American Honey Expo by Bill & Tammy George, Q & A , Spring Management.

March 2024 Installing Packages and Nucs,Bill & Tammy George, Finding the Queen, Scott Gough

April 2024
May 2024 Swarm Trapping by Scott Gough , Feeding Bees for Spring Build Up by Dan West
June 2024 , Cut outs, Salvaging Bees from Trees & Home, by Dan West
July 2024
August 2024
Sept 2024
October 2024
November 2024
December 2024 No meeting